We provide in-person and remote training in noise control and hearing conservation for industrial settings. On-site training seminars can be as short as 12-day or as long as multiple days. The format can be a typical lecture-with-slides, or we can work cooperatively with your staff on-site to study and develop mitigation ideas for your noise sources. We’ve found that a combination of lecture and hands-on training results in excellent engagement by class participants and sometimes produces actionable ideas for noise mitigation.

We also have online training courses that are accessible through our learning portal. Access to all content is available on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are yearly with pricing based on the number of users needing access. For corporate clients, the learning portal can be styled with your badging and colors.

Currently available in our learning portal is Dennis Driscoll’s AIA Noise Control Engineering web course. This series of videos has approximately 4 hours of content that includes discussion on the fundamentals of sound, how to conduct a noise control survey, and a range of noise mitigation techniques.

For information on any of our training offerings, or for assistance with online content, send a message to